Astralite Coach Built Sidecars

"The Morgan of Sidecars"

Here's a fantastic find! Hidden in the barn of the original USA distributor of Astralite Sidecars, are two, brand new, never used, nicely weathered Astralite sidecars!

In the foreground is a Child-Adult. Behind it, a Double-Adult. The Child-Adult is missing its door latch. Click on any picture to see it full size.

Another view of the Child-Adult.


Here is the Double-Adult. The windshield has been broken. Also, the door seems to have swelled or warped a bit, as it won't close completely.

All interior shots are of the Double-Adult. It is terminally dirty, but I think it would clean up ok. The interior seems ok, although it needs a through cleaning and inspection.

So, bottom line, they are no longer perfect (been in the barn about 15 years) but I think they are usable.