Installing Scale Couplers

Installing "scale" couplers to replace the large AF compatible couplers which come with S Helper Service rolling stock is one of the easiest modifications you can make, and makes a major difference in scale appearance. While installation on most SHS cars and locos is straightforward, there are some tips that can save you time. There are also some issues with long cars and tight turns or S turns, that need to be addressed. The goal of this document is to share what we have learned, and we welcome the comments and experiences of other modelers working in this area.

The organization of the document will be as follows:

This document has been researched and written by Michael Greene and Bill Clark, and any errors are ours. This is a work in progress, and we welcome contributions from other modelers. We are starting with mostly SHS cars and locomotives, but the chart of measurements by model is meant to include any S models that we can get information on. If you put "scale" couplers on a model we haven't covered, please send us the data and we'll include it. Also, we only use Kadee 802/806 and SHS 01295 couplers. If anyone wants to add info on other "scale" couplers that would be great! Our goal is to make this a useful reference for all S scalers.

Bill Clark

Michael Greene

All contents copyright 2004-2006 by William Clark, All rights reserved.